Received Lexi's new doujin in the mail today! Gah it's so beautiful ;__; All of my love <3

Avcon progress~

About to go out to save a table for my sister and her friends for her birthday bash...lol...the place doesn't take reservations so mum and I are going to go there early XD;;

Thought I would post some progress from today before I go!
avcon 1
Celes coat - this is finished now (old shot), has the furry bit round the waist too, but here's an idea~
avcon 2
With giant white coat over the top! 8D

avcon 3
White tunic/coat thing, whatever it is...needs: collar, blue trim, design on back of neck.

avcon 4
And Piffle jacket! (take two, lol). Doesn't look much like it atm, but will once I add the piping, fastenings section and collar :D

Celes coat~

Getting there with Fay's Celes coat - I'm doing his full triple layered outfit for avcon. Started this aaaages ago while I was procrastinating studying for exams LOL. Got this first part done super quickly~
celes wip 001

Then made the sleeves, and handstitched the fur down both front sides - technically as it overlaps, there's no need for fur up the hidden side...but...yeah, I did it anyway, because it should be there, lol.
celes wip 002

The coat in these pics look nothing like as huge as it actually is - the skirt of it is enormous, so much fabric. Going to be so heavy on the plane OTL, but at least it fans out nicely XD

Now I'm just about to start handstitching the visible top edge of the fur trim around the bottom, having machine sewn the underside. OTL. I hate fur so much.
celes wip 003

Someone remind me never EVER to do a costume involving fur again >_<;;

I've also finished my Nihon costume, just have to do the white triangles on the obi ^_^ Aaaand what else...done lots of costumes for shoots, lol, so other stuff hasn't quite happened yet 8'D Been working on some WCS stuff though ^_^

Nihon Fay progress

Haven't been able to much sewing at all because I'm in the middle of exams >_<;; But took a break this afternoon and sewed the pieces of Fay's Nihon arc kimono together ^_^

kimono 004

Wrong wig, no eyepatch, haven't made the black underrobe or obi yet, or painted on crescent moons BUT...gives you an idea XD




ショーナと申します.オーストラリアに住んでいる女の子です. よろしくお願いします! ♥

This is Shona~ Cosplay progress and random stuffs here! ^o^

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